About Us
Nanjng Hipower International Co., Ltd, which was founded in 2003 and authorized with the import-export certificate, is a veteran of fine chemicals and minor metal business. 
We engage in inorganic products, organic solvents, pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediate, vinyl-amine, Special amine and minor metals, which are used for pharmacy, pesticide, plastics, paper-making, water treatment, Spin, coating, dye, metallurgy, oil field and electronics industries. With many year’s effort and progress, our biz keeps growing steadily, and more products have been introduced. Our sales record grow steadily, we enjoy high publicity and excellent reputation in this line.
We seek to provide high quality’s products and service to our customers. We engage in popularize high quality’s chemicals at home and abroad. We have been established long-term and steadily cooperation with many popular corporations such as VERTELLUS, BASF, HUNTSMAN, TOSOH, and SABIC. And we enjoy belief and appreciate in this line.
Pyridine and its derivatives are our fundamental products, and now we are the biggest distributor with the annual output more than 5000mt. We are the agency of Vertellus and its subsidiary corporation-Nantong Vertellus’s pyridine and its derivatives. To meet our customer’s special requires, we can also provide tailor-made service.
Our core advantage lays in experienced staffs and professional logistics. Our sales range of the whole place in China. We set warehouses in Nanjing, Shanghai and Chengdu. And also with the safety and fast professional chemicals logistics, we can send our high quality’s products to our customers anywhere with fast speed.
Great in Capacity, Thriving in Cooperation, Nanjing Hipower International Co, Ltd, your sincere and reliable business partner, would exert our endeavors to offer better products and service to energize your business growth. 


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